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NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/March 11, 2022/ The option is one of the essential financial derivatives, generally used for hedging risks. It occupies more than 50% of the total derivatives market in the conventional financial world, while the options market is not yet fully established in the crypto space. Crypto options trading helps investors tailor the risk/reward profile to suit their needs. Wallets have insurance and hedging against occurrences of risk when trading crypto options.

Volare is a leading options trading provider, which provides a transparent, reliable and convenient decentralized mechanism without intermediaries on options trading that can mimic the functionality of centralized exchanges. Volare’s DeFi protocol creates a perfect solution for crypto options trading. It provides a DeFi option protocol for European options, option combos and exotic options. It also allows investors to invest in portfolios of standard or custom options strategies and provides clients with hedging, speculation and yield enhancement tools based on its infrastructure.

Volare eliminates the credit risk issues associated with trading exotic options in the over-the-counter (OTC) market of the traditional financial world, developed to facilitate DeFi crypto options trading while providing trading tools that traders of options professionals use.

Volare offers Exotic Options, Profit Sharing, On-Chain Collateral, Interest Bearing, MA, Hedge and Financial Instructions. Additionally, Volare uses a tailored pricing model that reduces risk for options buyers and sellers. Volare’s collateralization rate is advantageous for investors’ cash balances. It increases the efficiency of investors’ capital and reduces the risks for investors. Volare’s low collateralization rate also implements limit order book trading and provides a trading experience similar to that of the centralized exchange. Volare implements limit order book trading and offers a similar trading experience as the centralized exchange. Advanced Oracle offers a continuous off-chain sub-second price to match the live price of the on-chain option to minimize losses due to price latency and arbitrage activity due to the delayed price.

Trading options via NFT are possible with Volare. While the options market may seem primarily for experts and with a high barrier for retail investors, NFT is not. Volare options can be minted and traded on NFT markets. This alleviates trading requirements and increases liquidity.

Members of the Volare community will have direct exposure to the future development of all products within the Volare ecosystem, including algo trading tools, volatility analysis, and trading and portfolio management service. Early Volare developers will slowly fade away to embrace the larger, more decentralized network. Liquidity providers (Volare takers) will participate in community governance and vote for the future development of Volare.

Volare’s more comprehensive network also allows community members to participate in deciding the entire structure of the trading system. Examples include LP upper/lower threshold, collateral rate, and pricing model parameters. Stakeholders also receive a return on fees. The return is allocated based on the percentage of the stake and the height of the block on the chain.

Volare’s strong core team provides it with in-depth knowledge of the options market, strong go-to-market strategy and excellent blockchain service platform development skills. Volare’s private round valuation is 60mm and has developed investors, such as DCG, GSR, Arrington XRP, Moonrock, Bixin Venture, via BTC, A&T, Parataxis, Spark Digital Capital, Zonff, Waterdrip, etc.

For more details, please see https://t.me/volarefinance and https://twitter.com/FinanceVolare

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