The ACA open registration period ends January 15th


For 2022 coverage, the open enrollment period for ends at the end of the day on January 15, 2022, for coverage that will take effect on February 1, according to Jae Oh, author of Maximize Your Medicare.

This is a particularly important deadline for individuals who wish to benefit from the advanced premium tax credit or APTC. This is the tax credit that you can claim in advance to reduce your monthly payment or your health insurance premium.

According to, if at the end of the year you took more premium tax credit up front than what is owed to you based on your final income, you will need to repay the excess when you file your federal income tax return. . If you took less than what you are entitled to, you will get back the difference. More than 16 million people used APTC through 2021, according to Oh.

Oh also said individuals need to pay their first premium on a timely basis, especially if they intend to receive APTC.

There is also a “luxury of choice” in the federal market and state stock exchanges, Oh said. And having a lot more choice is a double-edged sword. Having choices is good, but it becomes “very important” to check your network carefully, “he said.

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