Raising bees for financial gain


Honey is a natural food substance that bees produce from the nectar they collect, process and store. It provides medicinal benefits primarily from sugars, but it also contains pollen and protein.

Bees are vital to our environment as they pollinate a diverse range of plants, including crops such as almonds, apples and pumpkins.

Bee keeping and honey making is a profitable farming business that receives little attention, according to the founder, Honeyman_ng, Balogun Oluwaseyi, this farming can be done alongside any other side business as it requires little care and capital to get started.

Basic tools

A bee smoker is needed when inspecting the farm, this could be invaluable in calming the bees when they get violent. You also need a bee suit to cover all of your body openings, gloves, rubber boots, and headgear.

How to start

Balogun says you just need to buy BeeHive on your land or rent one, bait it with honey or beeswax as this will allow it to attract honey to the hive and once the honey has been lured into the hive, they will colonize it and make it their home where they begin to produce honey in the hive.

The business is more like an asset when you start. You can use a particular bee house for at least five to 10 years, it doesn’t depreciate easily, and you don’t need to think about maintenance costs or feeding the bee.


It is necessary to acquire knowledge before embarking on this profession. It only takes a week for you to find out. Balogun says the theoretical aspect takes up to five days while the practical takes two days, and it will help to get familiar with and understand how the bees behave, what you will need to calm the bees down when it gets violent, and you can’t do without getting the knowledge.


Honey harvesting takes place twice a year. For someone who is just starting out, it will take between four and five months before they can start harvesting honey from the hive. Another beauty of this culture is that it is enough to go and check the honey once in a while because it does not require constant visits.


There is a huge market for honey in Nigeria as its uses vary from baking to cooking, from home remedies to beverages. When people know you have pure honey, the demand is usually far greater than what can be supplied.


Depending on how many hives an individual wants, but with one you are good to go. A hive, bee smoker and bee suit could cost N40,000-50,000.


A liter of honey is between 4,000 and 5,000 naira, and with a hive you are sure to get four liters of honey in the worst case, and 10 to 15 liters in the best.


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