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Jim Harty, president of Harty Insurance Inc., answers questions about insurance and the types of coverage available.

What type of work does an insurance agent do?
At Harty Insurance, we offer professional insurance and risk management products to businesses and individuals. We help create insurance programs to meet the needs of our clients.

What services do people ask you for the most?
We provide insurance services for automobiles, homeowners, renters, businesses, farms, recreational vehicles, boats and personal life insurance needs.

Why should people start planning for life insurance?
Individuals should consider getting life insurance at an early age. Our life insurance needs change as we go through the different stages of our lives. College education, marriage, starting a family, owning a home or business, and planning for retirement are just some of the reasons to protect yourself and your family with health insurance. life.

How much life insurance should an individual purchase?
There is no single answer as to how much life insurance an individual needs. Each person should sit down with their agent, go through a needs analysis and figure out what is needed. Again, our needs change as our lives change.

What is covered and not covered by home insurance?
There are several different products for homeowners available in today’s market. Each product covers different risks and perils. There are also many different endorsements available to cover different exposures as well. Individuals should meet with their agents and discuss their needs and have a program designed to cover their individual needs.

How can people save money on their insurance coverage?
People can save money on their insurance in different ways. Today, our credit scores are a factor used to determine our insurance rates. Thus, taking steps to improve each individual’s credit score can make a positive difference in what individuals might pay for their insurance. Increasing their deductibles, or the portion of the loss they want to self-insure, is one way. Packing your blankets together is another. Taking road safety courses, adding smoke and theft deterrents, new roofs on their homes, updating their homes’ heating and plumbing are other ways to lower their insurance premiums.


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