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Note: Information on arrests and incidents, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review with respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not all arrests result in a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the legal system.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ JDennis Kea, 60, Smart Lane, Sylvania — Crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants/drugs, without consent.

➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Jabriel Sharlet Butler, 27 Brampton Ave — Intentional possession of a Schedule I or II controlled substance, possession of a firearm or knife while committing or attempting a crime, possession and use of drug-related objects.

▲ Makaela Nashai Dekle, 19 Oakley Road, Union City — Giving a false name, address, or date of birth to a law enforcement officer.

▲ Rickey Raheem Hendrix, 32 West Main St., Claxton — Aggravated assault, false imprisonment, theft while taking — motor vehicle, two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, trafficking cocaine, trafficking of fentanyl, trafficking in methamphetamine, criminal possession of marijuana, possession of crack cocaine, possession of a schedule II drug, and possession of a firearm while committing a crime.

▲ James Cornelius Johnson, 44, Pine St. — Violation of hit and run from requiring driver to stop or return to scene of accident, driving without a valid licence/misdemeanor.

▲ William Carroll Oliver, 36, Wildwood Circle — Criminal trespass, obstruction of law enforcement/misdemeanor, possession and use of drug-related items, possession of marijuana under 1 oz.

▲ Sharon Wiggins Wilkerson, 50, Packinghouse Road — Identity theft fraud while using/possessing credentials/crime.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ HIGH COTTON DRIVE – Complainant said that after closing her house she was still paying for a home alarm system. She said she contacted the new owner of the house, who told her he would not remove the system. After contacting the new owner, he said he had given the complainant a week and a half to remove everything she had from the house before starting to paint the whole house. He said that after that time he painted the house. He said that if the Complainant wanted to pay to remove the alarm system and locks and replace the paint, he would allow it. She refused. Both parties have been informed of the appeals before a civil court.

▲ HIGHWAY 80 WEST — The complainant stated that she began to receive several unwanted calls and threats from numbers she did not recognize. She says she then discovered that her identity had been stolen and that several accounts had been opened illegally in her name. She requested a report to document the incidents.

▲ BURKHALTER MOBILE HOME PARK – Complainant said he had a verbal argument with a woman after she broke the rear window of her 1998 Ford truck. He said the woman was not taking certain medications that she should have taken and he signed a waiver of charges.

▲ SHUMAN DRIVE — The complainant said she picked up a woman and her two children and drove them home. She said once inside, a man arrived in a van. She said the woman and the man had a verbal argument over who was the rightful owner of the truck. The complainant said the woman asked to borrow her phone and when she returned it there were two drops of blood on it. After contacting the woman and the man at the East Georgia Regional Medical Center, the man said the woman had been injured while riding a go-kart and denied laying hands on her. The woman said that at some point during an argument about their financial situation, the man hit her. After further discussions, she said she did not want to press charges. She was told about possible remedies to help her.

▲ BARN MOBILE HOME PARK – Complainant said a group of youths were walking past his residence and one of them picked up a rock and threw it at one of his windows, smashing it. Looking at the available video, a miner could be seen in a throwing position, but the video was later cut. As they were leaving, the deputies came across a group of miners and the miner who threw the rock was identified by the shirt he was wearing. He admitted throwing the stone and the plaintiff agreed not to press charges if the miner and his guardian paid to fix the window.

▲ HIGHWAY 80 EAST — A tractor-trailer struck an overhead wire, snapping it in two and did not stop. En route to the site, Brooklet Police found the truck and conducted a traffic stop. After gathering information from the driver, he was released. The cut telephone line was hanging in the middle of the road. A crew arrived on the scene and moved the line off the road. Frontier Communications has been notified of their line.

➤ Bulloch County Animal Services

(April 11-17)

▲ Rural County Admission – Seven adult dogs and five puppies; an adult cat.

▲ City of Statesboro — Two adult dogs and one puppy; two adult cats.

▲ Adopted — Four adult dogs; an adult cat.

▲ Saved — Two puppies.

▲ Recovered — Three adult dogs.

▲ Died at the shelter — None.

▲ Euthanized — None.

▲ Fees collected — $260.

➤ Bulloch County Fire Department

(April 14-21 Incident Calls)

▲ Gate — A fire alarm; two brush/grass fire calls; five medical intervention calls; a structural fire.

▲ Save — None.

▲ Nevils — None.

▲ Bay — A brush/grass fire call; a wood fire.

▲ Stilson — A brush/grass fire call; a structural fire.

▲ Brooklet — A miscellaneous fire call; five medical intervention calls; a medical call; a brush/grass fire scream; two structural fires; a wood fire.

▲ Leefield — A structural fire.

▲ Clit — None.


➤ Law enforcement agencies

▲ Brooklet Police Department — Two calls Wednesday.

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 18 calls Wednesday.

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office — Four calls Wednesday.

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office — Four calls Wednesday.

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 — Three calls Wednesday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department — 22 calls Wednesday.

➤ Fire services

▲ Evans County Fire Department — A call Wednesday.

▲ Claxton Fire Department — A call Wednesday.

▲ Metter Fire Department — A call Wednesday.

▲ Statesboro Fire Department – A call Wednesday.

➤ Emergency medical services

▲ Bulloch County EMS – Four accident calls and 29 medical calls Wednesday.

▲ Candler County EMS – Seven medical calls Wednesday.

▲ Evans County EMS – One accident call and five medical calls Wednesday.

➤ Other Agencies

▲ 911 hangs up — 26 calls Wednesday.

▲ Bryan County 911 — A call Wednesday.

▲ Crisis Line — Two calls Wednesday.

— compiled by Jim Healy


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