Money and relationships: How to make your mom tech-savvy with her financial dealings

For the most part, the relationship between a mother and her child is a one-way street, where the former continues to care for the offspring in more than one way. However, as the child grows into a financially independent adult, it is only natural that they give up some of this care and concern unconditionally. So on Mother’s Day (May 8) this year, instead of the mundane gifts, give your mom something that will make her not only tech-savvy when it comes to financial transactions, but also independent and empowered. This will be especially useful if your mother is a widow or a single mother and you stay away from her. Here are some ways to help her feel special.

1. Teach them about online banking

Are you staying in another city and your mother always goes to the bank alone for each transaction or service? The best gift for her would be to teach her the benefits of internet or mobile banking so that she can conduct all transactions from the safety of her home. Since the concept may be foreign to her, be patient and write down each step for her. Know that she may not understand even the simplest and most basic concepts that you take for granted. So take it easy and guide her slowly through each step. Then allow her to repeat the steps herself in your presence so that you can guide her if she’s wrong or dispel any doubts she has about how it’s working. If you don’t stick with her, give her the certainty that she can call you at any time if she gets stuck or if she inadvertently makes a mistake. She will thank you for this freedom once she gains confidence and becomes independent.

2. Help her use home delivery apps

Does your mother go to the neighborhood grocer or vegetable seller every day for her regular needs? This can be a problem if she gets sick or can’t get groceries delivered and you’re not accessible. Download home delivery apps on his phone and teach him how to use them. Even if she does not master the art of prepayment via wallets, credit cards or Net banking, she can pay cash on delivery. Plus, the instant delivery promised by some apps will ensure she gets everything she needs without delay.

3.Allow him to pay all utility bills online

Another addiction parents usually have is paying bills. If you teach your mom how to pay utility bills through wallets like Paytm, it will solve the problem of depositing checks or missing payment deadlines.

4. Give her a fitness bracelet

Another great gift for your aging mother would be a fitness band that can not only keep her active but also monitor her health without needing your personal presence all the time. It will also make her active and focus on her own well-being to ward off disease.

5.Help her create her own YouTube channel

One of the best ways to fill the time after retirement and even earn an income would be for your mom to have her own YouTube channel where she can share her specific skills with the world. She can teach baking, cooking, share home remedies or offer advice in her area of ​​expertise. This will not only keep her busy, but also give her a lot of confidence to be alone.


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