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Meghan and Harry’s Spotify deal

MEGHAN and Harry may not get their full fees from Spotify after the couple have only done ONE 35-minute podcast since signing with the giant in December 2020.

Media attorney Ian Penman, who specializes in music streaming contracts, has suggested that the Duke and Duchess’s podcasts are likely less popular than Spotify had expected.

He told “It wouldn’t be an unfair assumption that their popularity might not be as great as themselves or as Spotify initially felt.

“I think you might draw a conclusion that if [Spotify] didn’t exercise the option on the next episode of the podcast, so maybe they didn’t have the popularity Meghan and Harry expected or Spotify expected. “

But he also claims the streaming giant wouldn’t have paid the contract fee up front, adding: £ 15million or something, that doesn’t mean he gets £ 15million on the first day.

“So the problem you have here, I imagine, is that when they talk about an £ 18million Spotify podcast deal, it probably means they’ve signed their first product, in this case a podcast – then they have many options for other products. All of these options are in favor of Spotify. Make no mistake, they are not in Meghan and Harry’s favor. “


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