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Unforeseen events, emergencies, impulse purchases, unemployment. There are a number of reasons why someone may run out of money and have to borrow. And with so many types of loans available, it is only natural that there are doubts about this.

Anyway, if this is your case, we have prepared this article, listing the main credit modalities offered . Keep reading!

Loan Types

Loan Types

Personal loan

Personal loan

Personal loan is a form of loan intended for individuals. In this type of credit, the consumer borrows without having to offer collateral or dispose of a property that is buying. CET rates vary by financial institution and credit analysis.

Even more, hiring is done very quickly and is quite affordable.

Types of Personal Loan

Types of Personal Loan

Lenders offers various types of personal loans. Check-out:

Unsecured Personal Loan

Non-payroll-deductible personal loans are intended for consumers who have links with the financial system and its services (checking account, check, credit card). In this case, it is necessary that the consumer has a clear name, because the name is consulted. Interest rates vary (from 6 to 14.81% per month) and the term for payment, on average, up to 24 times, through bank slip, check or automatic debit to the current account.

Also, it is good that the customer has a good payment history.

Payroll Loan

Payroll-deductible loans are loans to withdraw, private sector employees, civil servants and pensioners. Its great advantage is that it has lower interest rates, with direct payroll deduction, which makes it possible to contract even in case of “dirty name”, and also allows it to divide into up to 72 installments.

Also, the maximum limit for monthly payment is a maximum of 30% of the salary of the applicant.

Personal Loan for Negative

Getting the name dirty or negated is always a risk to the debtor: Lack of financial organization and timely payments can make it difficult for you to negotiate terms, installments and what types of accounts you should prioritize.

For this reason, presents a simple and fast way to make a personal loan for negatives.

Anyway, the best personal credit is the one that offers you fair rates and payment terms that fit your pocket. Always research and compare before getting a credit. Find out exactly what you are paying for and what the conditions are.

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