Insurance Commissioner Troy Downing on Missoula’s Talk Back


The Montana State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner also appeared on the KGVO Talk Back Show Tuesday immediately after Montana Democratic Party chairman Robyn Driscoll and also expressed his opinion on the upcoming Redistribution Commission vote. from Montana.

“It specifically says in the Montana Constitution that this must be done without partisanship,” Downing said. “However, if you are using past presidential elections, or even local elections, to try to decide the distribution, then politically I think you are deviating from constitutional intent,” Downing said. “This audience is actually coming to Capitol Hill. I’m really curious to see where this is going and what the comments are. Because I think if you constantly try to pursue political intent or political fairness then you deviate from constitutional intent and I firmly believe that once you deviate from it it all starts to fall apart.

As the state’s insurance commissioner, Downing always educates the public about possible insurance scams, such as a term called “contributory negligence” which places the blame on the victim, as well as the perpetrator.

“If you’re in an accident, and for whatever reason, an insurance company says you’re responsible for five or ten percent or 10% of it because you didn’t honk or because that you haven’t. Don’t back it up and it doesn’t make sense, give us a call because we keep track of these things, and make sure it’s against the law to improperly apply contributory negligence.

Another scam that consumers use against insurance companies is called “after-the-fact insurance,” where a person purchases insurance on their phone right after an accident.

“It’s basically when an uninsured motorist is involved in an accident and then after the accident tries to get insurance and often in the modern age of technology they try to do it on the spot while ‘he’s waiting for the tow truck to do it online,’ he said. “Sometimes they’re a little more savvy and try to devote a little time, like a few days or a few weeks. But the message we got across is that insurance companies are really smart and they have a really good system for detecting fraud.

Downing also reminds homeowners to check their insurance closely, especially for roof hail damage, as there are different factors involved in coverage.

“Look at your personal needs and discuss them with your agent,” he said. “Really understand what your risk is and whether it’s more important to have a higher possible expense to solve a problem or to have a lower monthly premium and really understand what those repercussions are. “

Downing is a US Air Force veteran and is active in philanthropic endeavors.

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