#IndieMusic Spotlight: Marina Karamarko, Director of Web Operations at SyncVault, Content ID


Marina Karamarko has been involved in the music industry for over 15 years and has extensive experience as a DJ/producer, label owner and promoter of unique sunset events. As Director of SyncVault Web Operations, she works closely with the development team and rights holders to manage their YouTube Content ID.

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How did you get your start in the music industry and how did that lead to the work you do today?

My first real taste of music creation started in 2005 – I was studying business economics in tourism and hospitality at the University of Rijeka, when I spotted a DJ booth in the basement. My first exploration of music mixing has begun!

Fueled by my passion for music production, I continued my education at SAE Audio Engineering School where I developed my skills in studio recording and sound production. This led me to my first job in the industry, working in a recording studio producing music with artists and bands.
After two years, I returned to where my journey began and became a full-time DJ. I’ve been blessed with a varied and exciting career that has seen me travel the world doing something I love!

I launched my label, THANQ in 2015 and have since worked with over 150 artists and been recognized by Beatport with the coveted Breakthrough Label of the Year Award.
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, like many, I had to explore new avenues of work as the live industry came to a halt.

Through my connections in the industry, I learned that SyncVault, a new music promotion platform, was looking for help with rights management and Content ID to help run their campaigns smoothly. promotions from YouTube influencers.

Two years later, the platform continues to go from strength to strength and I am happy to have evolved from a support and administration role to that of Director of Web Operations and Content ID.

Is there an achievement or career milestone you are most proud of?

In 2013 I won the Burn Residency Program (international DJ competition) – it was a real highlight of my career for me and I enjoyed an incredible residency at Sankeys, the iconic club in Ibiza.

I was also very excited to be nominated as a female electronic music visionary in 2016.

And finally, the steps I took at SyncVault; In less than two years after joining the company, I’ve transitioned from a customer support role to Director of Web Operations and Content ID Management, and oversee a great team!

Apart from your work in music, do you have any other hobbies/areas of expertise/special interests, etc.? ?

As you can imagine, I’m a big fan of technology and technological tools! I have a passion for learning investment software and exploring how new technologies can help take advantage of financial markets.

Away from the tech industry, I am a big proponent of homeopathic remedies and natural ways to heal and realign the body.

Are there any projects you’re working on or company updates that interest you the most?

We have a really exciting chapter ahead of us at SyncVault, including the launch of our new platform for implementing NFTs with influencer promotion campaigns. I am so happy to include these new income opportunities for local and established artists.


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