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Presentations have long been a convenient way to show off various projects. And they range from entertaining analyzes to serious business analyzes. There are many unique and high quality presentation designs on the Internet that you can easily put into practice. Such products are flexible and have an attractive visual appearance. It allows you to make customizations in minutes and present your offers and services in the most attractive way. Today we’re going to focus on creating a pitch deck presentation in Apple Keynote.

This program differs from PowerPoint and other tools in its simplicity, clear functionality, and easy-to-use interface. In Keynote, you can access any feature with fewer clicks. Most users with basic knowledge will be able to master this program quickly. The lack of unnecessary features and tabs makes Keynote a serious alternative for creating professional presentations on MacOs.

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Using keynotes for professional pitch deck presentations

Hundreds of projects are presented to investors all the time, and the typical format for presenting a startup today is the pitch and the pitch deck. The pitch is an oral presentation of a few minutes. The pitch deck accompanies it and sometimes works independently. It’s the visual part of your presentation, slides with a brief overview of everything you have to say.

Obtaining funding is a long process, pitches are its first steps when the main task is not to get lost in the context of other projects, to engage investors and to take the next step of familiarity and discussion. more detailed.

Taking the pitch deck too frivolously and just writing the keywords on a gray background is one of the biggest mistakes, which can spoil the whole impression. To start with, the slides should be understandable and have a short enough explanation that doesn’t always have to be accompanied by commentary.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to create a large project, then Keynote is the best solution. There is really nothing superfluous in this. Everything here is simple, concise and intuitive. You can easily find the tools and features you need.

The most successful pitch deck presentation structure

Now is the time to figure out what should be the perfect structure to create a professional presentation.


This is where everything should be concise and unobtrusive. Literally choose one sentence and tell the story of the project you are presenting.

The problem

As we know, the basis of a startup idea is to solve a certain problem. The main thing here is to focus on the most pressing issues and to define the usefulness of your product.

The solution

Here it is necessary to understand that your product is the main solution to the problem. You have to present it clearly and say: why is it the best, how can it solve the problem, what makes it better?

The economic model

Here it is important to make it clear that you know how you can monetize your startup. By demonstrating your knowledge of the fundamentals of customer acquisition and sales channels, you can assure investors that you have thought through the smallest details about the full development of the startup.

The competitors

This should include a brief description or name of your competition. It’s not worth pretending there isn’t, even if you don’t observe direct competition. Here you have to assess your strengths and say why it is better to choose you.

The team

It would appear to be the simplest slide in the presentation, which however greatly affects the result. The way you present your team can lead an investor to different conclusions. If you have 10 or more people on your team, you don’t need to talk about everyone. Include the total number and describe the professional background of key employees, especially those of interest to the investor.

The dynamics of development

At this point, you’ve already talked about the project and how you want to make it happen, so it’s time to prove it’s more than a dream. This slide depends on the stage of development of your business. If you already have accomplishments, describe them and be very concrete about them.

What is the research for?

You must enter the presentation with a clear understanding of the quantity and purpose of it. Explain exactly where the investment will go.

The final

Your entire pitch deck was intended not only to interest potential investors in your idea, but also to encourage them to invest in your project. To do this, you need to use a call to action in the final part. It should be simple, short and dynamic.

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Top 5 rules for pitch deck presentations

Eye-catching design

A boring presentation design is unlikely to attract investors. A pleasing appearance will help attract audiences to your project. To this end, you can use out-of-the-box web solutions that often have unique visuals and flexibility for customization.

Fewer letters and a larger font

A slide containing only text is old-fashioned, difficult to read, and detrimental to the visual impression. A beautiful template, high quality images, graphics and minimal text is the best way to present memorable information.

Easy to understand data

Charts, tables, and diagrams are one of the best ways to provide information in a concise manner. This way you have every chance to explain your project in more detail.


Remember to include the contacts on the last slide, so that interested investors can easily find you when needed.

Your style

If your startup already has a corporate identity, you should design the presentation based on its color scheme. Firstly, he will look harmonious and secondly, he will show you as a person with a responsible approach to business.

Time tracking

When giving public speeches, it is a good idea to set up a timer during your speech. On average, investors spend 2.30 minutes giving a presentation. And the more time they spend studying the slides that tell them about the team, the competition, and financial metrics.

You should understand that there is up to 20 minutes in the opening oral presentation. About 15 for the presentation and 5 for the question and answer. There are even some rules for the startup presentation process:

And it is very important to keep the time and not to extend the presentation by an hour. Also, don’t forget that you need to engage the investor within the first 10 seconds.

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Major errors in the preparation of pitch deck presentations

Trends in pitch deck content change frequently. Over the past few years, startups have been featured on the ‘Why Now’ style where the team explains why the project is relevant right now.

At the same time, the trends are also affecting the design. For example, due to the shift to remote working, startups have started to use even larger fonts, as it is difficult to see small inscriptions in Zoom, and in general, small graphics are difficult to read. Companies have also started to favor calmer colors. Some create more inclusive content, taking into account different shades of color and visual perception. Pay attention to trends in the design of presentations. A growing number of companies are opting for pastel and natural hues, classic fonts, minimalism and concise infographics.

Knowing all these intricacies, you should create a perfect presentation. But sometimes, even with some seemingly obvious mistakes, you can fail where you didn’t even expect.

The first and foremost mistake is the lack of “pain” that the product solves. It’s important not only to show that your development is making someone’s life easier, but to reflect the scale of the problem. You have to show that there is a problem that can be solved by this particular startup. It is best to use simple, clear words in large print on a contrasting background. You can also accompany it with an infographic. Try to use short sentences and not overload the slide with visuals, as the main “pain” should be read at a glance.

The second mistake is a poor assessment of the market. Investors are concerned about markets that are potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Products and services that are too niche do not have enough potential. However, you can offer niche services, but they need to fit into the global paradigm.

Another mistake is focusing too much on uniqueness. Don’t say you don’t have any competition. This would directly mean that you have studied the market too superficially and failed to understand the specifics of the industry. Lack of competition can also indicate a product in low demand. If no one develops something like this, then it is not necessary.

The presentation of the pitch deck is a fairly important project that can lead to complete success or failure. To protect yourself from the latter, you need a responsible approach to designing and filling content. We recommend that you rehearse the speech, think about the questions in advance, and use the storytelling method. It is also important at all stages of the presentation to believe in your project and to make every effort to ensure that the investors believe in it too.

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A beautiful and well-organized pitch deck is a huge advantage in your investment case, which gives you extra points. Yes, a startup with a bad product won’t be saved by nice slides, but a startup with a good idea among dozens of competitors can stand out simply because of the design, aesthetics, and meanings built into the presentation. By using all of our tips, you are sure to get the result you want.


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