Euler Hermes links its first policy on the Dialogue platform


Independent complex risk platform Dialogue Exchange Global (Dialogue) has announced that Euler Hermes has linked its first policy on Dialogue’s electronic investment platform, organized by specialist independent broker Cofarco.

The policy is the first excess of loss structure to be placed on the Dialogue platform. Dialogue received accreditation as a Recognized Online Placement Platform from Lloyd’s in Q4 2021.

This accreditation is a significant milestone for the company as an independent credit and political risk insurance platform and demonstrates its growing reputation for transforming this aspect of the specialist market.

Euler Hermes specializes in surety, collection, structured commercial credit and political risk.

Cofarco offers independent financing arrangements and credit risk insurance brokerage services to specialized markets.

Dialogue Founder and CEO Ben Heaney said, “The credit and political risk insurance market is complex by its very nature, with non-standardized data and inefficient processes in many areas.

“What we do at Dialogue is to simplify these processes, improve industry standards, and connect brokers and insurers with an easy-to-use platform to ultimately attract more business to the insurance market.

“The independence, security and functionality of our Lloyd’s approved electronic investment proposition connects the global credit insurance industry through a digital platform to facilitate the negotiation and consolidation of complex risks – and is ideal for brokers who strive to improve their relationships with their clients and underwriters.

“We are delighted to support Euler Hermes and Cofarco as we continue to grow as a multi-broker, multi-underwriter platform, and look forward to bringing additional value, efficiency and relevance to the market. credit and political risk as we grow in the coming years.

Thomas Laporte Many, Director of Operations and Innovation of Euler Hermes Transactional Cover, adds: “As a leading underwriter, we want to be at the forefront of innovation in our unique risk and political risk market, and actively contribute to all initiatives. relevant to our market, in particular to simplify and make interactions between brokers and underwriters more efficient for the benefit of our clients.

“The Dialogue platform is one of them, because it allows brokers and underwriters to carry out digital transactions. We initially supported Dialogue by being one of the contributors to their Single Risk Credit Data Standard in 2020, before joining the platform in 2021 after its launch, and have been using it to receive, respond to and negotiate submissions ever since. brokers.

“We are happy to have reached a new milestone with the consolidation of the first policy on the Dialogue platform.”

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