Enter at your own risk, he said. A 30% risk when they escort you or 100% when they shoot on sight?


Have you ever walked past one of those doors that say Personal Only and had that absurd desire to check it out? Even more if indicated Authorized personnel only. Are they superior beings, we are allowed, you are not washed. You sort of feel so diminished like you’re unauthorized and unauthorized, you pathetic creature.

Sometimes when you are driving you get this sign with a cross and it says, no entry. And if you’re the fiery type, you’re curious as to why because it never tells you. It’s so arbitrary. Excuse me, why can’t I come in? It is for employees only. He does not say it. Do you want to argue? No it’s OK.

In a shopping center where I go around in circles looking for a place to park, there are five empty places with the inscription Prohibition to park. Just because you put a plastic cone, how does it make it yours? I’ve always wanted to put the cone aside and park, but instead just sit in the car and growl.

Then you go to the restaurant and the best tables are reserved. Go to a show, the best seats are reserved. And if I sit down, would the sky fall, thunder and lightning, someday I will.

I once got lost and entered a military installation. What I know is because it says, military installation, no entry, intruders will be prosecuted. Below, he gave you a copout: Enter at your own risk. What are the chances? A 10% risk, a 30% risk where you are escorted or a 100% where it is a question of shooting on sight?

Then you have these restricted areas without anyone telling you how restricted they are. Can I peek through the door, step in, wave? Then you get the skull and crossbones and unknowingly walked into a dangerous area and could be fried and exhausted. But the one that really pushes you to paroxysms of criminal nostalgia is the Do Not Touch sign, especially in one of those fancy high end stores where they follow you because you don’t look like you were born. fashionable.

I took my colleague Sandipan to an art show to imbue him with liquid culture and there was this painting that had the Do Not Touch sign at the exhibits on it. Sandy being Sandy did just that. The board swung like a pendulum, then stopped, then tilted drunk as we stared frozen in horror, then tilted more, there was a clicking sound and it went. crashed to the ground and then wheeled. To this day, he swears he has never touched it.



This article is meant to make you smile. Any connection to real life events and characters is a coincidence.


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