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In one of the largest data breaches in recent months, earlier this week EMC National Life Company reported that the company suffered a data breach affecting 288,288 people. According to EMC National Life, the breach compromised full names, as well as one or more of the following: social security numbers, tax identification numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial account information, payment cards, dates of birth. , and medical information. On April 8, 2022, EMC National Life began sending data breach letters to all affected parties at their last known address.

If you have received a data breach notification, it is essential that you understand what is at risk and what you can do about it. To learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud or identity theft and what legal options are available to you following the EMC National Life data breach, please see our recent article on the subject. here.

What we know about the EMC National Life data breach

According to an official notice filed by the company, EMC National Life recently detected what the company believed to be unauthorized access to its network. EMC took the necessary steps to contain the incident and then launched an investigation with the help of third-party cybersecurity experts.

On March 9, 2022, the investigation revealed that an unauthorized party had been able to access, view and acquire files containing personally identifiable information.

After learning that sensitive consumer data was accessible to an unauthorized party, EMC National Life then reviewed all affected files to determine what information was compromised and to whom it belonged. Although the information disclosed will vary depending on the individual, it may include your social security number, tax ID numbers, driver’s license numbers, financial account information, payment card information, dates of birth and your medical information.

On April 8, 2022, EMC National Life sent data breach letters to everyone whose information was compromised as a result of the recent data security incident.

More information about EMC National Life Company

EMC National Life Company is an insurance company affiliated with EMC Insurance Companies. The company offers term and permanent personal and commercial life insurance policies. EMC National Life employs more than 97 people and generates approximately $75 million in revenue each year. EMC Insurance Companies, the parent company of EMC National Life, has more than 2,400 employees and generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Should data breach victims be worried?

Yes, if you receive an EMC National Life Data Breach Letter, this is cause for concern. Not only are data breaches becoming more common, but hackers are becoming more selective about who they target and what kind of information they seek.

Ten years ago, hackers used generalized attacks designed to collect large amounts of data. However, more recently, cybercriminals are targeting the most profitable types of data, including: social security numbers, bank account information, and credit card account numbers.

When a hacker obtains this personal information, he can either use it himself or sell it to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. In the end, the end result is often the same; anyone who finds themselves with sensitive consumer data uses it to steal their identity. Of course, this can wreak havoc on your bank or credit card account and, therefore, on your credit and overall quality of life. For example, recent reports indicate that victims of identity theft spend approximately 200 hours and over $1,300 recovering their identity.

It’s important to note that there are steps you can take to mitigate the risk of identity theft as a result of a data breach. For example, by contacting one of the three major credit bureaus to ask them to add a fraud alert or a credit freeze to your account, you will receive a notification each time someone tries to withdraw your credit. In addition, you should also closely monitor all your financial accounts to immediately detect any unauthorized use.

After a data breach, it’s also important to understand your rights. Identity theft victims can bring a data breach class action lawsuit against any company that negligently retained their information.

Suffering from a data breach is undoubtedly a stressful experience. However, it is important not to let stress overwhelm you. It is essential to take immediate action, both to reduce the risk of identity theft and to develop a convincing complaint against a company that has treated your data negligently.


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