A&R Darnell ‘Prosper’ Conley by Nipsey Hussle on Karen Civilian ‘She’s a Cultural Vulture’

Courtesy of Darnell ‘Prosper’ Conley

Social media and digital media marketing strategy specialist Karen Civil has been trending over the past two days for a variety of different things. The self-proclaimed Olivia Pope of Hip Hop has worked with rap artists such as Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Nipsey Hussle, among other artists.

Speaking of Nipsey, I recently interviewed his college friend and A&R Darnell ‘Prosper’ Conley. Conley shared that the two met before Nipsey focused on music.

“Dude, I met Nip in college. So we weren’t even thinking about the lack of music or any of that. We were just two people flying and found out we had something in common there, ”said Conley.

Courtesy of Darnell ‘Prosper’ Conley

“Then I came back to him when I was already out of high school. That’s when he was talking about making music. I just got back from New York working with Russell Simmons’ band and he wanted us to work together. So I gave him a few beats and he loved the beats, and every day I was with Nip after that. From the beginning and still to this day.

“She did a few things, but for me, nothing that made him be the person he is. What really got him caught was when Jay-Z bought those “Proud to Pay” mixtapes. Then she came, I mean after that. But Karen for me, they’re exposing it right now, can you feel me? Anything that’s in the dark will come to light. She’s a culture junkie and there are more people like her who need exposure and get the better of people, and that shit just isn’t fair. She admitted to having someone hacked. She admitted it and it’s crazy. I met her and she had this bad energy.

Civil has been praised throughout her career for her work with Nipsey, which Conley acknowledged, but nothing major made her become an artist.

Conley mentioned that Karen Civil admitted to hacking into celebrity media Hollywood Unlocked owned by Jason Lee.

“Yeah, that kid is a hacker, and yeah Jason… you play this game, yeah I hit that nigga.” Yeah, that kid is a hacker, and yeah Jason… you play this game, yeah I hit that nigga, “ says Civil on Clubhouse in the Crenshaw District Hall.

” He is absolutely right ! Me and him had a back and forth, and it was a lot of crap. So when he continues his rant and his tangent, he has the right to be upset. Me and him would go back and forth to war; me and him didn’t see a deal.

Lee would later tweet: “Karen Civil must be in jail, and yes, with the confession, we will seek all legal and judicial remedies available under each law.”

According to to all Hip Hop.com CEO of Management of the Hitland group took to Instagram and shared that Nipsey fired Civil before his death.

“Karen Civil, keep TF away from the Clubhouse lie,” she wrote. “Nipsey kicked your ass long before he passed away! You’re sitting on that app, lying, saying you got him all the contracts you had? N **** you came over after the work has already been done. You didn’t offer Proud 2 Pay. You were ab #### doing interviews. I’m on your fucking neck, brother! I told you yesterday that you apologized for every lie you told! How do you apologize and then back off? “

Joyner Lucas also confronted Civil seven years after he paid her $ 60,000 for counseling services, but according to him nothing came of it.

Lucas said the alleged Civilian incident places significant financial pressure on him and his family. Further, he alleges that the incident left him on his last leg and happened around the time he received his first child.

“I was in desperate need of help and you knew it. After you got paid you became a ghost and you didn’t expect me to break out. Here I am, ”he wrote in a tweet with a 2015 note attached. “After you got the money up front you stopped answering my calls and every time I knocked you answered the phone with an attitude like I was ruining your day. I sent you hella messages begging you to do your job because my back was against the wall. You took advantage of it.

“Smh, I was broke and shot on my last leg, bruh,” he tweeted. “That 60k was literally my last effort to keep me going and you stole it from me when my son was born. The media protects you but evil is evil. At that time I had about 5,000 subscribers.

The Grammy nominee said at the time he was too “afraid to speak” lest he be “blackballed” by the music industry.

“I had no idea how this industry works and I don’t want you dragging my name through the mud so out of fear I stayed. Until @Mr_Camron spoke out a few years ago on Twitter, then I did.

After Lucas spoke out, Civil and his team wanted him to apologize and delete his tweets.

“After I spoke, your people hit me directly and you tried to threaten me, and then you tried to get me to write this bogus apology and drive me crazy in the public eye,” Joyner revealed.

Cam’ron took to Instagram to remind the public that Karen Civil has been stealing from people for some time now.

“Are you all going to apologize or not ?!” I thought you wouldn’t all do it.

“For those who don’t understand, I told people that Karin civilian was stealing from people, they said I was lying. Now she just lost a lawsuit against another woman, now they say Karin is filthy. When I said it… hated it… she also stole Joyner Lucas for the exact same amount she gave to my guy @darealdukedagod 60k .. what a co-winky-dink. “

Prosper was not at all surprised by Civil’s business practices and said, “Karen Civil is money hungry, selfish, she is all about herself and not a genuine person. ”

Conley would end the interview by sharing some tips for people looking to work with Civil in the future.

“You’d better hire a lawyer, then hire another lawyer to watch that lawyer.” You better keep your eyes and antennae up in front of her; that’s all I’m going to say.

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